Sustainable Practices



Planet Hollywood Hotels & Resorts’ all-inclusive properties are located in the Caribbean’s most sought-after destinations on pristine white sand beaches. To keep these tropical oases beautiful, we have put in place innovative sustainability practices at our resorts, adhering to internationally-accepted criteria for the sustainable operation and management of hotels and resorts. 

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Environmental Principles

  • Turtle and marine life preservation program at select Mexico resorts
  • A wide-ranging conservation program in hotels, including energy-efficient lighting, A/C and appliances, and low-flow toilets and showerheads
  • Solar energy utilization
  • Dedicated composting areas at select Mexico and Jamaica resorts
  • Reduction of paper consumption 
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Resource Management

  • Comprehensive recycling programs
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning supplies along with OneLink Global’s sustainable industrial cleaning practices
  • Elimination of plastic straws and plastic water bottles with the implementation of a straw-free policy and adopting the eco-friendly Vero Water® purification system in resort restaurants
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Environmental Practices

  • Monthly beach clean-ups
  • Eco-focused experiences
  • Electronic guest bracelets as a keyless entry to rooms
  • Adoption of an electronic correspondence system and use of in-room IPTVs as the primary source of all hotel-related information, from activity schedules to room service menus



Travelife evaluates, verifies and communicates the achievements in sustainability, creating a commitment to the organization. leading initiative in training, management and certification for tourism companies that are on the path of sustainability endorsed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Code of Conduct


To provide everyone with the very best vacation experiences, it’s important to respect and protect our destinations. Here are some things to remember during your stay in paradise:

Before arriving, we suggest researching your destination’s customs and traditions to make sure you’re respectful of the local culture. It’s also important to ask before taking pictures of people, traditional events, archeological sites and sacred locations. To support the local economy, we recommend picking up some handmade crafts or products but if you’re considering negotiating prices, please keep in mind that the sales of these products contribute to the livelihoods of many local families.

To avoid contaminating your destination’s natural habitats, please avoid wearing insect repellent, sunscreen and body creams when visiting reefs, cenotes or other bodies of water. It’s also important to refrain from feeding the local wildlife or removing any local flora and fauna from its natural environment.

Please respect local attractions when visiting by disposing of your waste in the appropriate containers, avoid smoking in prohibited areas and avoid touching or damaging the surface of sculptures, pyramids, etc. You can also help protect your destination’s natural resources by conserving water and avoiding the use of disposable plastics.