* Maximum occupancy is 9 people (adults and children)

It’s fast approaching. The biggest night of the year in the entertainment industry. The 91st Annual Academy Awards.  A night when the world recognizes top films and performances with a coveted statue we call Oscar.

Planet Hollywood Costa Rica is hosting an exclusive Oscar party for our guests. We might have a spot on the guest list for you. No need to call in a favor with an agent or studio head, we’ve got you covered. Attached is a PDF ballot for the 2019 Oscars. Download and play along to see how good you are at selecting the winners, are you on the same page as the Academy? 

This auspicious night for Hollywood’s elite and yourself will involve a live broadcast, custom Oscar menu and more. Whether you’re channeling your inner Debbie Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds or Burt Reynolds (RIP) (also no relation). We invite you to experience the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s biggest night at Planet Hollywood Costa Rica. 

Oscar ballot 2019 (Click to download PDF)

Planet Hollywood Costa Rica your Academy Awards destination. Even if you’re favorite movie doesn’t win, you can still look fabulous, eat incredible food and we have sloths and monkeys in Costa Rica.