* Maximum occupancy is 9 people (adults and children)

Crave | Vegan / Vegetarian Offerings

Planet Hollywood has taken great lengths to understand our Vegetarian and Vegan guests. 

What we've learned:

  • Not all Vegans and Vegetarians surf and say namaste.
  • Not all Vegans and Vegetarians enjoy drum circles, some do. But not all. 
  • Not all Vegans and Vegetarians attend Burning Man every year. 
  • We're plant people, herbivores... and proud of it!
  • There's over 600 million of us worldwide. If you ask us, we don't know Steve the Vegan from Portland. We do know Eddie the Vegetarian from Houston.  Everyone knows Eddie, he's hilarious. We'll look for Steve at the next meeting. 
  • We hike, climb and push the limits of our bodies. So we need food that's not just delicious, but nourishment so we can continue pushing tomorrow.
  • None of my family are named after fruits or vegetables. Except for my uncle James Tomato. 
  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Ghandi, Buddha, Albert Einstein, and Paul McCartney all  practiced Vegetarianism or Veganism. So we're in good company. 
  • The Mayo Clinic recently reported that switching to a plant-based diet could add up to four years to your life. (We not only finish the race, but we also get bonus time).
  • Vegans reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have smaller carbon footprints. *mic drop*

We understand that your values and life choices have brought you to this point. Our guests love and look forward to eating at our resorts. This shouldn't change based on your food or lifestyle preferences. Come experience exceptional culinary delights. Created for our people.. the Plant People, the herbivores of the world. See you soon, lettuce take care of you.

“Fish are friends, not food”

- Finding Nemo (2007)