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Imagine riding on horseback through the tropical scenic trails of Costa Rica, strolling through a cocoa plantation, walking inside an active volcano crater at Las Hornillas Volcanic Activity Center, or speeding down the Tenorio River on a raft. There are so many excursions to choose from in our beach-meets-rainforest destination.

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Canopy Congo Trail

Simulate what it’s like to be Superman with this exhilarating canopy tour in Costa Rica! Launch yourself over the skyscraper trees in the tropical Costa Rican forest with a viewpoint that only a drone could capture. Discover the great fauna and flora diversity living within the greenery as you wiz by at unthinkable speeds! Starring bird species, incredible insects and possibly even guest starring holler monkeys, you’ll be admiring many fascinating creatures as you make your way up to the next platform. You’ll wish you had your popcorn with you as you soar above the magnificent landscapes of the lush vegetation of Costa Rica. The Canopy Congo Trail tour is sure to be a five-star adventure you can’t miss!


Adventure Pass

Admire the tropical wonders of Diamante Eco Adventure Park while you fly over the Pura Vida nation at full speed on Costa Rica’s longest double zip line or free fall with Quick Jump. Take a relaxing stroll across a hanging bridge but wait, there’s a plot twist! Look down at your own peril as there are also a river full of crocodiles beneath the bridge. You can try to spot Nemo with a snorkel adventure or explore atop the waters with a sailing expedition aboard a kayak or a paddle board. If you’re still wanting more, you can meet the stars of Costa Rica’s ecosystems by visiting the animal sanctuary and the botanical garden to discover an amazing cast from the animal kingdom. The final act of this wonderful day involves a well-deserved rest on a relaxing hammock on the beach and a savory meal 100 metres into the sky, boasting a spectacular marine vista.


Mega Combo Buena Vista

Glide through the canopy ziplines circuit, consisting of 13 platforms and 10 cables, while traveling through the treetops of this tropical forest that’s home to diverse flora and fauna, including spider and howler monkeys. Or, if preferred, cross 16 hanging bridges through the lush vegetation. Slide down a thrilling mountain water slide, and then take a horseback ride through scenic trails, on the way to the hot springs. 


Breathtaking Speed Ride

Tame the coast of Costa Rica aboard a Jet Ski!  Feel the freedom of driving your very own powerful ride above the waves and the safety of having a guide looking out for you from the shore. Explore the bay in a designated area where you can give free reign to your instincts, while taking in the sights of lush landscapes and the deep blue sea. Hold on tight for an adrenaline-filled experience worthy of a James Bond movie.  


Jurassic Discovery

Feeling adventurous? Maybe even Jurassic? On this hike along the stunning Blue River, you’ll discover the exotic diversity of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica, walk past a waterfall and into the Butterfly Gardens to observe these beautiful creatures along with toucans and hummingbirds. Then, tread carefully as you’ll find yourself surrounded by life-like Dinosaurs at the Dino Park, where many of these animatronics hide among the lush forest. A quest not to be missed!


Sail Into The Sunset

Ready for your close-up take under the setting sun? Put on that sunhat and that elegant swimsuit cover up for an afternoon of shimmering blue sea, snorkeling in a deserted beach paradise, delicious food and drinks, and even one or two sightings of marine life. Take in the Golden Coast of Costa Rica with just your select group of guests aboard the Marlin del Rey catamaran and feel like a Hollywood star.