Pumped Fitness


the journey to strength and wellness

Get action-film ready! Maintain your workout routine in paradise with our modern fitness center. Our indoor and outdoor classes, led by our professional and certified instructors, are designed to keep your physique screen-worthy and ready for anything!


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PUMPED | Bootcamp

Looking for some assistance to achieve your fitness goals? Whether you’re on the road to big gains or just looking to tone up and strengthen, this is the class for you. These instructor-led exercises focus on building athletic strength and conditioning using various workout equipment and bodyweight exercises.

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FIGHTER | Kickboxing

Unleash your inner fighter in these athletic, high-intensity cardio kickboxing workouts designed by professional fighters when training for competitions. Get ready for a next-level sweat session that would make Jean-Claude van Damme scared to enter the ring.

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We like to make it easy to exercise while on vacation! Take a break from the bar and join our PUMPED Fitness Team for this refreshingly fun full-body workout. No wardrobe change required for this pulsating sweat session in the sun, just a swimsuit, shades, and a good attitude are needed to take the plunge into Pool Athletix!    

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CORE FLOW | Yoga & Abs

Strength starts at the center of your core. Gain those long, lean muscles that you have been hoping for through these challenging, yet enjoyable workouts and stretches.

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GRAVITY YOGA | Functional Yoga

Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to expand your practice, there’s something here for everyone. Functional Yoga builds not only muscle strength but also confidence.

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H2O GROOVE | Pool Zumba

Shake it with us in Pool Zumba! This workout is so fun you’ll forget that it’s good for you too. Enjoy this full-body cardio workout while keeping cool in the pool. Stay in the sun and plunge into this high-energy dance session!


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Unwind — both physically and mentally — with a calming yoga practice as the sun sets and the stars shine in the beautiful sky. This 50-minute Vinyasa Flow yoga session will quiet your mind, body, and soul, preparing you to switch gears from poolside relaxation to nighttime entertainment.


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Be your own fitness inspiration on the journey to strength and wellness. Ignite the fire with this dynamic class that integrates intervals of moderate to high-intensity cardio and abdominal-based workouts.


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HOLLYWOOD HILLS | Legs/Glutes Bootcamp

Are you willing to tackle our bootcamp and take your leg training to the next level? Our fitness team will coach you through a 30-minute high-intensity interval training session specifically targeting your legs, glutes, and core with bodyweight exercises and plyometrics.

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TITAN | Functional Training

Get ready to channel your inner superhero. With Titan Functional Training, you’ll push your strength to new limits using body weight exercises combined with the Functional Suspension Trainer. This program was created by a Navy SEAL on deployment, recognizing that physical strength is mission critical.

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SPARTAN CHALLENGE | Beach Obstacle Course

SPARTANS! Today is the day to rise to the occasion and ignite your inner warrior as you take on the great Spartan Challenge! Our rigorous (yet, fun!) obstacle course incorporates various fitness stations that will test your limits of strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility.

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YOGA PURA VIDA | Sunrise Yoga

Take a deep dive into serenity. This yoga session will clear your mind, allowing you to enjoy a day of balance and Vacation Like a Star™ poolside, cocktail in hand. Perfect for the early risers!


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Do you feel like a fish out of water in a yoga class? If you sometimes find it difficult to hold a pose, this class is perfect for you, allowing you to enjoy the practice of yoga right in the pool and get into positions with ease and grace.