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Welcome to the PH Spa & Beauty Bar, a tranquil haven inspired by nature and the Golden Age of Hollywood. The spa offers transformative treatments using a renowned organic brand used by Hollywood A-listers and makeup artists that is committed to protecting your skin and the future of our planet. Choose from a wide menu of wellness treatments, including a pink Himalayan salt room, Ayurveda massage, and quartz sand beds. Our packages are tailored to varying wellness needs, leaving guests feeling rejuvenated and glowing from the inside out.


Our Product

Every product used at our spa is handmade without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of the natural ingredients. Vitamins are captured in their raw form as seeds, pulp, and peels, offering dramatic results by imparting regenerative and natural healing powers. Indulge in a curative treatment that leaves you looking and feeling red-carpet ready.

PH Spa


Complete your celeb-worthy spa experience with a relaxing chromotherapy shower. Chromotherapy — also known as color therapy — uses each color on the spectrum of visible light to treat different physical symptoms and adjust the body’s vibrations for optimal health and harmony.


Ayurveda Services

Enjoy the benefits of traditional Ayurvedic healing techniques at the PH Spa. Our Ayurveda massage uses essential oils to treat both the mind and body and help improve the immune system, reduce anxiety, and eliminate toxins.

PH Spa

Body Treatment

Treat the body and fuel the soul with our PH Body Treatments. Featuring premium ingredients and expert techniques, our body treatments will leave you feeling nurtured, blissful, and ready for your moment in the spotlight.

PH Spa

Salt Room

Feel your stress melt away and unwind like a VIP with a visit to our salt room. The pink Himalayan salt walls help to clear your airways, cleanse your skin, and fight stress so you’ll be ready to take on your next leading role.




All of our massages are performed using organic and vegan oils, providing you with a deeply hydrating treatment that will rejuvenate and nourish the skin. With each massage, you will experience celebrity-style pampering and find yourself glowing from head to toe.

PH Spa


Get ready for your close-up with PH Spa’s extensive hydrotherapy treatments. Relieve aches and soothe sore muscles in our cold-water bath, improve your mobility and flexibility in the spa pool, or simply unwind with a soak in the Jacuzzi.



Quartz Experience

Inspired by Egyptian rituals, quartz beds elevate the treatment room to an unparalleled experience. Warm sand quartz minerals impart wellness benefits and healing energy. Featured with relaxing bath into the private Japanese Wood soak tub and herbal tea to complement the experience.

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Couples Experience

Reconnect with your main co-star and enjoy an intimate getaway in the PH Spa’s Producer Suite. This lavish spa suite features a sauna, steam room, tub, and chromotherapy shower so you can enjoy a completely private spa experience.

PHC Wave Experience

Wave Experience

Reconnect your mind, body, and soul on our unique wave beds. Combining the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and deep relaxation techniques, choose from a 30- or 60-minute sound therapy treatment with gentle acoustic music and binaural sounds that will leave you feeling like the star you are.

PH Spa

Nail Bar

Get glam with a mani-pedi. Experience the best in nail care at the PH Spa and feel incredibly polished from head to toe.

PH Spa


Prepare for your close-up. Our Hollywood-inspired facials consist of the finest natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients, helping to promote and maintain a Californian glow.